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Whether you prefer a burial service or a private cremation, we have different options to suit your budget and preferences. You can choose from various urns, caskets, headstones, and memorial products to personalize your pet's final resting place. 

Pet Heaven is here to help you through this challenging time with compassion and professionalism.


Choosing to bury your companion means you get to create a permanent resting place to honor them. Burial services can help create a sense of closure, while giving you a physical location to visit during your grief and healing process. Often times, burial services honor religious and cultural traditions, respecting the sanctity of the body, and it's return to Earth. 

All burial services include the following: 


Casket Selection: High quality polystyrene caskets produced by Hoegh Industries. Our caskets include a variety of colorful fleece and satin interiors, pillows, blankets, and mattress pads. Sizes range from 10" up to 52".

Private Visitation: Our cozy visitation room offers you complete privacy and unlimited time to spend with your pet before their burial. We encourage you to fill your pets casket with letters, photos, their favorite toys and treats etc.  **PLEASE NOTE: If you would like to have a religious ceremony or speaker, please reach out to an officiant within your community to arrange this service. 

Monument Selection: Your pets burial service will include your choice of a 8 x 4 x 4" granite headstone with engraving, or a 10 x 10" concrete planter . A variety of other sizes, colors, and customizations are available at an additional cost. 

Free Keepsakes: (Upon request) Once we bring your pet into our care, we get an ink print of their paw and/or nose, and a locket of hair. In the days following your pets burial service, you will receive a sympathy package by mail, which will include these items. **This service may be unavailable if your pet passed of a spreadable illess, or has received an autopsy. 

Obituary: If you would like to create an obituary for your companion, we will post it to, and share it on our Facebook page. Everloved creates a memorial profile for your pet, allowing friends and family to send their condolences, and post photos & memories. This profile will never expire, and can be found with a quick search of your pets name.

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Cremation is a process that reduces the body to ashes, which can be kept in an urn, scattered in a meaningful place, added to the soil in your garden, or turned into unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry. Cremation offers a lower cost, environmental friendliness, and flexibility in your pets' memorialization. 

New in 2024, we have partnered with Pet Cremation Services (PCS) to offer this service. 

PRIVATE CREMATION services include the following: 

Private Cremation is when your pet is cremated individually, ensuring that their ashes will be returned to you. 

URN SELECTION: Your pets ashes will be returned to you in your choice of our 2 standard urn options. A traditional tin pawprint urn, or a wooden urn with gold engraved nameplate. 

CERTIFICATE OF CREMATION: You will receive an official certificate of cremation with a unique ID number, signifying the date of your pets private cremation at PCS. 

FINAL DISPOSITION: After your pets cremation is completed, you can either pick up their urn from our facility, or we can discuss your options for an urn burial and memorialization at Pet Heaven Cemetery. 

KEEPSAKES: Clay pawprint impression, ink pawprint or nose print, and lockets of hair are all keepsake options that are available upon request.  

**This service may be unavailable if your pet passed of a spreadable illness, or has received an autopsy. 


Communal Cremation takes place when your pet, along with others are cremated at the same time. This process takes place when you do not want your pets ashes to be returned to you. After a communal cremation takes place, the pets ashes are scattered on private, peaceful farmland. 

If you choose communal cremation, we can still offer you any of the above keepsakes. 


Pre-arranging ensures that your wishes are in place and spare you the burden of stressful and emotional decisions during the difficult time of your pets' passing. 


Another benefit of pre-arranging your pet's aftercare is that you are pre-paying for a portion of their services, leaving only part of the total cost due at the time of their burial or cremation. 

If you would like to discuss the benefits and options available for pre-arrangements, please use the contact form below to reach out to us.

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