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Eventually, we will have to make difficult decisions about death care arrangements for our companion pets. We understand the tremendous sorrow that results when we lose a faithful friend.

We offer a private visitation room for you and your family to come together and have a final moment with your beloved pet. We encourage all the families we serve to have a visitation period or a memorial service to celebrate the life of your special friend. 

Taking this final chance to be with your pet, and finding smiles amid tears as you remember all the times you shared can help you in your grieving processes. 

Our pet funeral director will help you make decisions on a traditional casketed burial at our cemetery, cremation followed by a burial of the ashes, or a burial service at your own home. 

Our burial packages are all inclusive, so you aren't burdened with making decisions during such a difficult time. 

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 Casket Selection

We provide high quality polystyrene caskets, produced by Hoegh Industries. Our caskets include a variety of colorful fleece and satin interiors, pillows, blankets, and mattress pads. Sizes range from 10" all the way up to 52".

Private Visitation

Our cozy visitation room offers you complete privacy and unlimited time to spend with your pet before their burial. We provide you with a notepad and pen, and encourage you to fill your pets casket with letters, photos, their favorite toys and treats etc.. 

Burial Plot & Permanent Care

Our cemetery provides acres of weekly manicured greenery, and home to hundreds of companion pet memorials. We have choices of bright sunny sections of land, or a secluded and shady patch. 

Headstone Selection

Our burial package includes the standard 6 x 4 x 4 grey granite headstone, with name engraving. A variety of other sizes, colors, and customizations are available at an additional cost. 


If you would like to create an obituary for your companion, we will post it to, and share it on our Facebook page. Everloved creates a memorial profile for your pet, allowing friends and family to send their condolences, and post photos & memories. This profile will never expire, and can be found with a quick search of your pets name.


Once we bring your pet into our care, we get an ink print of their paw and/or nose, and a locket of hair. In the days following your pets burial service, you will receive a sympathy package by mail, which will include these items. 


Pre-arranging ensures that your wishes are in place and spare you the burden of stressful and emotional decisions during the difficult time of your pets' passing. 


Another benefit of pre-arranging your pet's services is that you are pre-paying for their plot, slab, and permanent care, leaving only the headstone, casket, and opening/closing of the plot at the time of need.

We are happy to discuss the benefits and options available for pre-arrangements. Use the contact form below to reach out to us!

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