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C   E   M   E   T   E   R   Y

&  C R E M A T I O N

Pet Heaven is more than just a cemetery. It's a place where you can find comfort, closure and healing. A place to honor the cherished memory of your beloved companion and celebrate the bond you shared.
Most importantly, we are a community of care.



Pet Heaven Cemetery resides on 26-acres, and is the resting place for hundreds of companion animals, dating back to the 1940's. 


Our grounds are open to the public, and visitors are welcome 24/7, 365 days a year. Walking through the cemetery grounds, you'll find intricately designed headstones with loving passages, photos, and hand drawn etchings.


Our MISSION is to provide families with compassionate and affordable aftercare for their lost companions.

* New in 2024, we are now offering cremation services for companion animals up to 200lbs. 

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