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Sassy Sue Snyder-Hutchins
January 19, 1999 – February 5, 2017

Sassy showed up on our doorstep on a warm sunny January day in 2001. I opened the door and she walked right in and laid down she stayed a while and played, but then she went on her way. We figured as friendly as she was and loving that she belonged to someone in the neighborhood.
Sassy was a Free Spirit she loved to chase Snow Flakes falling out of the Sky, she would run and play and come back to our door, eventually we figured she didn’t have a home, so we decided that “Sassy” would have a home with us forever.
Sassy loved to be outside so we moved to an area where we could have a Cat Fence up so she could go outside and play and watch the other Animals all day long (we never left her outside if we weren’t at home).
Sassy loved to tease our neighbors Dog, when he was outside, she would hump up and run toward the fence and then duck behind a rock or stump so he couldn’t see her, then she would jump up and do it again, this poor Dog would get so upset that he would be shaking.

Sassy loved to lay on the front porch on her Bench covered up with her favorite blanket no matter the weather.
When we found Lucky she was not happy at all, she just didn’t want anything to do with him, but the eventually became friends or let’s say Sassy tolerated him, Lucky would steal her toys and hide them, and some we have never found.
Sassy passed away on February 5, 2017, we were not home, we came home and she was in her Bed in the Kitchen where she always waited for us to come home, so she could go outside, the minute I saw her I knew she was gone, we were in shock, she was fine that morning when we left to do some errands.
Sassy is survived by her Mom and Dad and little Brother, Lucky (who passed on September 27, 2021).
We miss you Sassy every day there isn’t a day or minute that goes by that we do not think of you. We love you Sassy Sue so much and miss you always. You and Lucky are now together again, I miss both of you so much, I love you forever and always.

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Lucky “Duck” Snyder-Hutchins
July 7, 2002 – September 27, 2021

Lucky, age 19, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on September 27, 2021, with his Mom and Dad holding him. With the true testament of love and care he received he lived such a long life, until he was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in June 2021. We found Lucky when he was about 6 weeks old, he was outside our garage door, under a trash can in the rain, that morning we had seen a Momma Cat and Lucky underneath our truck it was raining, we put some food and water out for them, when we came home, we did not see either one of them, so we figured they went on their way. That night at around 10:00pm we kept hearing something outside the garage door, but every time we opened the door it would stop, finally we kept listening and looked under the trash can and there was this very tiny sick little boy, we rushed him to the ER, he only weighed a few ounces, very very sick, under weight etc., the Vet said that he was so sick he probably would not make it, we were not about to give up on this little guy, so with lots of Meds and all cleaned up we took him home, we started giving him his Meds and feeding him and within about a week he started to eat on his own, and was coming out of it, after that, he began to get bigger and more active. At one time our Lucky weighed about 35lbs, but it never slowed him down at all. Over his life Lucky overcame so much illness and pain, he started having chronic UTI’s at the age of 6 months, he went thru so many tests etc., and they could never find what was causing them, so every time he started to get one, we knew, so we would get him to the Vet and get him Meds. In 2010 he had a right back knee replaced, no problems he was up and about in no time, 2011 he got food poisoning from canned cat food, we thought we were going to loose him at that time, he was at the Vet’s for 10 days, he came thru that, in 2016 he was diagnosed with Kidney Disease, in 2019 he started bleeding, and would not stop, he was in the Hospital that time for over 10 days, they gave him a 5% chance of surviving, he came thru that, in August 2019 he was diagnosed with Heart Disease, he survived that for over two years.
Lucky loved to be outside with his big sister Sassy, they would stay out in the yard all day, watching the Deer, Squirrels, other Cats, and Raccoons and all animals that would wonder around. Sassy didn’t make it easy on Lucky at first, she didn’t want him invading her space, but eventually they became best friends. Sassy was older and she was with us two years before we found Lucky, so Sassy was the princess of course.
Lucky loved his nightly treats and couldn’t wait to hear that treat bag, of course he would eat Sassy’s first, and then his, so of course, had to fill the treat plates back up.
Lucky was a sweet, loving, quite Cat. So many stories that we could tell about our Lucky’s life.
Lucky was preceded in death by his sister Sassy.
Lucky is survived by his Mom and Dad and his brothers, Blue, Speedy, Tommy, Frankie.
They miss you so much, they still sit every day waiting for us to bring you outside to sit with them, like we had been doing these past couple of months. We would take Lucky outside in the afternoons so he could get some fresh air, sun and just be outside, so his brothers would all come to sit with us, now they sit outside everyday about the same time waiting for us to bring Lucky out for the afternoon, it is sad because they don’t understand why we aren’t bringing Lucky outside to sit with them.
Lucky you are so very missed and loved. You will always and forever be in our hearts and never forgotten. We love you so much Lucky “Duck” Mom and Dad.



Our beloved Nina, our daughter's "Precious", and the love of my life, crossed over to the other side while in my arms on September 10th, 2021. You will be sorely missed.

You brought life and love into our hearts and home since the first time we saw you. The day you chose us. Your unique personality was evident from the very beginning. Laughing at others when they made a mistake, and getting embarrassed when it was you. So many wonderful memories for each and every one of us. Time and time again you beat the odds, but sadly, this was your time to leave. Words cannot express how much we will miss you. The hole you leave in our hearts can never be filled.

Until we see each other again, Nina, take our love with you.

Other than her family of 6 humans, Nina leaves behind her companions, Nathan and Skyler.

Nina will be laid to rest the afternoon of Monday, September 13th, 2021.

Jake Newman.png

"Jake" Newman, 2004 - 2021.
Jake, a much loved feline from Columbus, OH, died after a valiant struggle with a brief illness on July 14, 2021. He is survived and missed by many friends and his adoptive family.



Known as “Jazzy,” “Jazzy-Bear,” and more, Jasmine Greenidge lived a happy 13 years with her family. She was born in the Bronx, New York and was brought to Columbus, Ohio, where she would find her forever-home. There she became the best friend of a woman and her two children. Jasmine narrowly survived a dangerous surgery in 2017 but made a stunning recovery and went on to continue her life until she became too ill to keep going due to old age. She passed on September 28, 2021 and was laid to rest on September 29, 2021.
Throughout her life, Jazz had been happy, vibrant, courageous, and selfless. She wholly stepped into her role as protective spirit when the family introduced a new baby and played nanny to an abandoned kitten. Everyone who met her loved her and could feel the love from her. She greeted all with tail wags and toe kisses. She loved hearing the piano being played and would appear any time to listen to it; she put on a tough face in adversity to make sure everyone was taken care of; she was a big fan of sweet potatoes and carrots; she provided reliable back transport to a little hamster once and played tag with him while he was in his ball. She loved small children no matter how they annoyed her sometimes. And if you were sad, she would sit beside you and not leave until she was sure you felt better.
In her last days, Jazz delegated her duties as household guardian and bathroom sentry to her little dog sister Tiana, who did her best to make sure to prove she could fulfill the role. She was surrounded by people she loved in her final days, including her beloved vet and her staff, who did an amazing job keeping her with us as long as they could.
Jazzy-Bear, you are loved and will be missed. <3 We are happy you can rest in power and comfort and that you can leave behind a number of stories that will be told for as long as we’re able to tell them.
Jasmine goes on to join the hamsters Ziggurat 8 (“Ziggy”), Hamlet, Ziozephiroth (“Zeph”), and Ezio Fortinbras on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. She leaves behind not only her human family, but her little dog sister Tiana (“Tee-tee”), her dog cousin Violet, and her cat friends Hekatos and Nyx.

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My Theo,
I didn't know my biological Dad. I met him by chance as an adult and he passed away shortly thereafter.
The last thing thing he said to me was that once he got to where he was headed, he'd send me "a cute boy to love".
After his funeral, I came home to find a crowd gathered around my sidewalk. They were convinced there was a grey bunny stuck under there, so I crawled into the gap and pulled out the most beautiful thing I had ever seen and that was you Theo! Your fluffy grey hair blew in the wind. Your big teal eyes and little pink nose made you irresistible. You had me from that moment on.
You were so pretty that I thought you were a girl and named you Sophia. Even your Veterinarian initially thought you were a girl! It wasn't until your appointment to be spayed that we found out you were actually a boy, the cute boy I was sent to love, and love you I did.
I was a bit of a "Smother-Mother". You tolerated being constantly held and bombarded with kisses. Holding you up and kissing your fluffy belly was like therapy for me.
In return, you would touch my face whenever I said, "Where's Mama?" You would squeeze my finger with your paw, rub your head under my chin, and plant yourself on top of me whenever you saw fit.
Julia, Matthew, and I would get you to dance to, "All the Single Kitties" and you had moves Theo! Moves and attitude to boot, but the pretty boys typically do!
Your favorite thing to do was to climb under the fitted sheet and play "Where's Theo?" anytime I would put fresh sheets on the bed.
You loved chocolate frosty treats and could smell one coming from a mile away. I would often find you with your face pressed up against our kitchen window waiting with anticipation for the arrival of your favorite treat.
You were such a fighter Theo. After you lost sight in both eyes, I would worry about you all day while I was away at work, but more often than not, I would come home to find you sound asleep in your bed with the sun shining down on you, your big rabbit feet out to each side, and your paws covering your eyes. I'd walk over and gently pet you. You'd wake up and look at me, like "Mom, why did you worry all day? As you can see, I'm fine!"
The day you died was one of the saddest days of my life Theo. Out of habit, I stopped at Wendy's to get you a tiny chocolate frosty. It wasn't until the girl handed it to me, that I realized you were gone.
I trust that by now, you've found Mamie, Papa, Aunt Weis, Aunt Garnet, and Uncle Bob. Just tell them you were mine and they will surely love and care for you.
I suspect that you're also with Taffy, Molly, Bailey, Connor, Cody, and my first baby Clea. Be kind to them Theo. They were wonderful dogs.
I know you will show them all who's boss.
Thank you for coming into my life and making it less lonely Theo.
It was my privilege to be your "Smother".
I will keep you in my heart and love you forever.
Love, Mama



Cooper Kitty passed away at 15 yrs old on 8/9/21. I found him as a kitten in Western Pennysylvania in 2006.

He was my first cat and a beautiful, smart medium haired black cat who was full of love and energy!!

He brought so much joy and happiness to his family over the years and will be missed everyday.

T Georg.

Cooper kitty.jpg
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