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The pages below contain a detailed description of everything included in our burial packages, and a general price list. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by call, text, or via our contact form.

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What's Included In A Burial Package?

Burial Plot

Whether you prefer a sunny patch of land, or a shady spot that's nestled in the trees, Pet Heaven has acres of land to find the perfect spot for your companions memorial site. 

Traditional Casket

Our caskets are manufactured by Hoegh Casket Company. The caskets are made of a double walled polystyrene, and act as a 2-in-1 casket and vault. Every casket has a full satin or fleece interior, which includes a mattress pad, a plush pillow, and a cozy blanket. 

Caskets are fully sealed to an air-tight bond.

Granite Headstone

Our standard grey granite headstones are sourced from quarries in the US, designed by you, and engraved by our friends at RAR Monuments. The standard headstone is 8" x 4" x 4", shaped like a brick, and sit above ground on a stone slab. This stone will have your pets' name engraved, and the letters are filled in with black dye. 

Other headstone options are available through RAR Monuments for an additional fee. 

These options include; Different size and shape options, a variety of granite colors from other US & International quarries, additional lines of text and engraving, addition of ceramic photos, and much more. 

Stone Slab

Our stone slabs are a flat 12" x 24" slab of concrete that sit under the headstone. The purpose of the slab is to level the ground and keep the headstone from shifting or sinking. The slab also provides a nice mantle around the headstone for decor.

Permanent Care

With your pets' burial, continuing care will be provided throughout every season. Pet Heaven grounds are manicured by our lawncare team every week. Pet Heaven grounds are manicured by our lawncare team every week for year round maintenance which includes keeping the grounds free of sticks, wilted flowers, and last season's decor. Our lawncare team pays special attention to weed-eat around every headstone, and make sure that flowers and decor are untouched by their equipment. 

During the holidays, we offer a variety of grave blankets and other decor that you can purchase online, and we will place them at your pets' grave for you. 


We always try our hardest to gather keepsakes for you, including; Ink pawprints, Ink noseprints, and lockets of fur. While we try our best to offer this service for every pet, there are circumstances where we're unable to do so, and will work with you on alternative option.

General Price List

Our general price list displays 2 different options. 


The blue column displays the Standard Burial Package, which includes the standard 6" x 4" x 4" headstone that we will design, order, and place for you. 


The gold column displays the Concierge Burial Package. This package gives you more freedom to customize your pets' headstone. We will put you directly in contact with Heather and Jerry at RAR Monuments, and they will help you design and create the perfect memorial for your companion. Please note that in addition to the cost of this burial package, your pets' headstone will be separately invoiced directly from RAR Monuments. When the headstone is completed, we will place it at your pets' grave for you. 

















Pocket Pet 10"

Small 20"

Small+ 20"

Medium 24"

Large 32"

Extra Large 40"

Grande 52"

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